SunClan is a group of cats that live in a part of the forest on the shore of the mainland that is primarily deciduous woodland. The founding leader, Sun, got his name from the Sunrock, so by extension the name was given to the Clan. The Clan's main prey are mice, frogs, fish, rabbits, and birds such as starlings, magpies, wood pigeons, and thrushes. In peace, SunClan is respectful of other Clans. In battle, SunClan is fierce, courageous, and loyal. SunClan cats speak out for what is right, and are not afraid to challenge the Warrior Code. However, outside the Clan, they are sometimes looked down on for being accepting of rogues, loners, and kittypets.

The Island TerritoryEdit

The SunClan island territory is located in what Twolegs call the Red Oak Island. Landmarks in this territory include:

The Mainland TerritoriesEdit

The Mainland territory for SunClan is called the Seaview Mountain by Twolegs. Landmarks here include:



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